Operational problems and delays continue at Felixstowe, leading to delivery disruption and Hamburg Süd announcing it will divert ships to Southampton for five weeks.

On Monday 11th June Felixstowe implemented its new nGen terminal operating system.

Unfortunately, despite claiming a “successful migration”, port users have been experiencing severe delays and cancellations, which continue.

Our Felixstowe team have been working flat-out to try and protect our clients from the worst effects of these delays and disruption on the terminal. Inevitably there have been some negative impacts, but please be assured that we will continue to do everything we can to mitigate, until the situation returns to normal.

Shipping lines confirm that the on-going IT problems at the port has resulted in low productivity, leading to significant delays that have seen some vessels divert to London Gateway and Southampton.

Carriers, including Maersk, have been forced to perform ‘cut and runs’ – whereby a vessel unloads its cargo and departs port without waiting to load – because of “operational constraints”.

It is rare to see carriers perform these ‘cut and runs’, which are typically an action of last resort, because the carrier loses freight, upsets customers and may cause significant delays in supply chains.

In addition to the vessel handling issues, there have been reports of train cancellations and we have seen system communication inconsistencies within the container yard, which are having a knock-on effect on yard performance.

Despite the yard processing over 3,800 trucks yesterday, and the port team working to resolve the issues, we are still some way from normal operations.

The port system/turnaround times had improved over the past couple of days, however, as we approached the end of Wednesday the new port system was not working again, which means that Thursday port operations and container deliveries will be impacted.

We will continue to monitor the situation and pass on updates as appropriate.