The British International Freight Association (BIFA), has updated its Standard Trading Conditions (STC) to take into account industry changes, rules and other issues. The new STC will apply to all business conducted by Norman Global Logistics (UK) from 1st June 2018.

Like all forwarding members of BIFA, Norman Global Logistics trades under the conditions of the British International Freight Association, which are recognised under English law and are approved by the Office of Fair Trading.

The terms clearly set out the rights and obligations of the customer and forwarder.

The 2017 Edition, supersedes the previous 2005 Edition and will apply to all transactions entered into by Norman Global Logistics from 1st June 2018

The main changes are:

  • Customers must now provide an accurate gross weight (goods plus tare) for any container entrusted to the forwarder (us) for shipment. This is a legal requirement introduced by the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) on 1st July 2016.
  • Changes to clause 8 outline the actions we can take in the event of payment default and brings the forwarding industry into line with the trading conditions applied by other types of carrier.
  • The new Union Customs Code introduced from 1 May 2016 strengthened the rules relating to the direct and indirect representation roles of a forwarder. The new BIFA conditions clarify we are appointed as a direct representative for import and export declarations to HMRC.
  • An ‘arbitration’ clause has been added to the 2017 Edition, which allows the parties to resolve disputes by mediation. The addition of this clause follows the increasing involvement of forwarders in cross-border trades where one or more of the parties does not recognise judgements of English courts.

We recommend review of clauses which exclude or limit our liability and those which require the customer to indemnify us in certain circumstances. Also those which deal with conditions of issuing effective goods insurance. The following clauses apply 7, 8, 10, 11(a) and 11(b) 12-14, 18-20, and 24-27.

You can find the full set of BIFA (2017 Edition) Standard Trading Conditions HERE

We are happy to answer any questions or queries regarding the new BIFA trading conditions. EMAIL NGL.