Despite the wave of forwarder digitalisation sweeping across the industry, Norman Global Logistics believe that customer relationships and knowledge will remain critical in effective freight forwarding.

This week’s The Loadstar, featured an interview with Norman Global Logistics (NGL) Asia’s managing director, Stefan Holmqvist, on customer service and the launch of new digital tools developed by his team.

In February, NGL launched digital freight booking and tracking tools, nQuote and nVision, providing 24/7 instant quotes for ocean freight and automatic updates on shipment status.

“New types of companies are coming into the picture, with new generations [of people] who are used to buying and selling online. Of course, they want a transparent way to get pricing quickly and see what options there are here and now, they don’t want to wait for a salesperson to come through the door.”

nQuote currently covers the China-UK and China-Sweden trade-lanes for ocean freight, with more lanes and air freight prices in the pipeline.

But despite the digital upgrades, Mr Holmqvist told The Loadstar that he wouldn’t start calling NGL a “digital freight forwarder”.

“Our work is to provide logistics solutions to our clients, backed up by our know-how, people and service. We use different tools, including digital, to communicate with clients across the globe, so I don’t think it makes us a digital freight forwarder,”

You can read Stefan’s interview on The Loadstar

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