Five million people are expected to be impacted by Typhoon Mangkhut, a category-5 hurricane (the highest level), with port operations disrupted, flights cancelled and delayed across Asia.

Mangkhut in on course to hit north-eastern Cagayan province early on Saturday, with waves that could climb to six metres.

The typhoon is predicted to travel across the South China Sea and pass within 62 miles of Hong Kong on Sunday morning. We are already seeing the cancellation of flights this weekend and expect more to be delayed. It is inevitable that port operation will be affected with some vessels departutes and arrivals delayed.

Depending on the path the Typhoon takes, it is possible that our Hong Kong office will close on Monday as a safety measure.

With a massive rain-cloud band 560 miles wide, combined with seasonal monsoon rains, the typhoon could bring intense rains that could trigger landslides and flash floods, restricting sea and air travel.

The monster storm is expected to pass close to Hong Kong and Macau on Sunday, with winds of more than 200km/h winds expected to batter China’s coast.

The storm was upgraded to a typhoon and later, to a severe typhoon on Monday. It strengthened rapidly and by Tuesday was given the classification of a super typhoon.

Professor Gabriel Lau Ngar-cheung, an atmospheric scientist at Chinese University, said Mangkhut had all the ingredients of a superstorm.

“Its entire track has been over water and over the warmest seas in the world, in the eastern Philippines,” he said.

The more time a typhoon spends above water, the more energy it sucks in and the stronger it gets. Historically, typhoons that have taken a southwest or south-southwesterly track have been the most intense. Think super typhoons Hato last year, or Wanda in 1962, which killed 130 people and left 72,000 homeless.

In addition to the high winds, frequent heavy rain, squalls, and rough seas are predicted and low-lying areas could be hit by storm surges.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update as appropriate. If you have any concerns or questions please contact your account manager, or email