The Typhoon season, which hits China and Taiwan every June through November, is well underway and, as this week’s Typhoon Rumbia proves, despite the administration’s preparations, it is almost impossible to avert the devastation these storms bring.

At least 31 people have been killed and another 14 have been reported missing since Typhoon Rumbia began devastating east and central China this weekend.

The violent storm made landfall in the Chinese freight hub of Shanghai on Friday at 4:05am local time, bringing strong winds and heavy rain to the region.

Port operations have been suspended for several days at impacted Chinese ports, as Typhoon Rumbia worked through, and although normal operations have since been resumed, some ports have a backlog of several days to shift.

We would expect that any vessels impacted, will consequently have their ETA delayed by a few days.

If you have any questions regarding a specific shipment or a particular vessel, please contact your account manager, or email

Typhoon Rumbia, the 18th typhoon to hit the country this year, continues to move inland in a north-west direction, impacting manufacturing and logistics operations.

Rumbia is weakening to a tropical depression and it’s expected to head towards north-east China over the next few days, meteorological authorities have upgraded rainstorm alerts for some regions due to expected heavy downpours.

Meteorological stations recording between 100mm and 250mm of rain in the port city of Dalian between Sunday morning to Monday night.

Further Typhoon alerts have been issued and some will doubtless impact on port operations across the region.

Our advice is the same for the Typhoon season and the impending peak season. Create some slack in your supply chain, by booking your shipments as early as possible, so that you are not affected by these events.